maryjane fields Davidson County Sheriff David Grice stands in a clearing that contains one of nine marijuana fields found Wednesday on Slate Mine Road near Denton.


sylvester1 You have seen him before drinking from the water fountain.  This time I was able to catch him again doing the cat thing but this time outside.    “What’s this on your head?”

bedford1 This is Bedford, Yes, it is a cat. Just watching him on a warm sunny afternoon with the light I just have to shot a few.  I picked this on the share.

carol_layout To be a photojournalist sometimes we need to write.  Gave it a try and with some help with layout this is the final results.

There are some mistakes but still not to bad.

Mr. Gordon has no medical insurance so the bikers had a ride for him April 19, 2009 at 1:15 p.m.  Gordon has surgry through his nose to remove a brain tumor.

hoglen_panoramar2 My first try at doing a pano shots. These are bikes on a ride for Relay for Life.

Found that I did not allow for exposure time for the first photo there is a dark line.  I really enjoyed this assignment.

_igp34992Concern Bikers from Asheboro held the 8th annual bike run for Relay for Life.  The ride is called Angela” RIde held on the first Sunday in  April.

Wind and Water Even with the  high winds and choppy water  at Flat Swamp Public Access on Badin.  Boaters still braved the elements to boat and fish.

Spring in the air With the three days of rain in March for 2009 these cherry blooms are very full and red against the cyan sky.

fishing Sunday, March 22, 2009 was a warm day, lots of people went fishing,  here 6 year old Adam Trotter is hoping to catch a big fish for supper.